Making Time for What You Love: Profile of Author Caitlyn Fournier

​The scorching hot September sun beats down on the myriad white tents which make up the Word on the Street festival.  Seated inside one of those tents, surrounded by copies of her books, is Caitlyn Fournier.  Fournier is the author of multiple books, including Hated, a romance novel about the son of an infamous Mafia member; and a young woman whose parents suddenly vanish. 

“[I’m] completely self-published,” she says.  “My sister helps me with my editing.  I’m broke so I can’t really afford an actual editor,” she admits with a laugh.  “I’m trying to get into an actual publishing house but I’m still waiting on that.” 

She began her writing career at age fifteen, writing fan fictions based off her favourite television series.  Shortly thereafter, she began working on original projects—a mixture of novels, short stories and poetry.  In addition to her repertoire of published works, she has several projects that she is currently working on. 

“There’s this new book that I haven’t finished writing yet.  [The main character is] awesome and super brave and will do anything to protect her friends and family,” she explains.  “Her name’s Lucy [and] she is the last-born princess of a nation that was destroyed.  She has a pet dragon and she can control the elements.”

Nearly all of Fournier’s work is romance driven, and this new book is no different.  “In grade four, I started reading adult novels,” she explains.  “That was the first genre that I started reading.”

While her new project is not the first romance novel under Fournier’s belt, it is the first book that will include a dragon.  “He’s mentioned throughout the story,” she says.  “It’s weird how he’s mentioned.  For part of it, he is going to end up being in her body.  So, he’s in her arm and he’s moving around and stuff.  And she can feel it and she’s like, ‘what’s happening?’”    

As exciting as working on a new project can be, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to write.  In addition to the six projects she currently has underway, Fournier is also going to school and working a part-time job.  “I’m doing a double minor in creative writing and English.  I just write little bits whenever I can.”

In the past, writing a book has taken her anywhere from around five months to two years.  “It depends on the subject matter, my idea and if everything keeps flowing,” she explains.  “If I stay focused, it can take me five months at most.”   

At the moment, she is focusing more on two of her six ongoing projects because she says, “they are the ones that are closest to being finished.” 

Despite her busy schedule, her aforementioned project is well on its way to completion.  “It’s all hand-written,” she says.  “I need to type it out.  So, it should hopefully—if I have the time—be finished by December.”

2 thoughts on “Making Time for What You Love: Profile of Author Caitlyn Fournier

  1. It is incredibly wonderful that you are willing to devote time and effort to aspiring writers like Caitlyn Fournier. This will undoubtedly provide some encouragement to others. Thanks Rebecca.

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