Five Reasons Why Your Pug Is Secretly a Human in Disguise

In honour of April Fool’s Day, I have decided to pay tribute to my hilarious, furry companion, Yoshi the pug. Here are five (of many) reasions why your pug just might be a human in disguise.

 1. Distinctly Un-Dog-Like Sleeping Positions

Should you allow your pet to sleep on the bed with you? This seems to be a point of contention among pet owners. Some claim that sleeping with your animals in such close proximity can actually negatively impact your sleep, while others claim it is simply cruel to force your beloved fur-baby to sleep anywhere else. When you are a pug owner, however, nothing is quite so simple, mostly because the decision really isn’t up to you. If you have a pug, you know the phrase “man’s best friend” is not applicable. They are not your best friend. You are their best friend (and slave…) and whatever else they need you to be. Like humans, pugs love their comfort and will stop at nothing to get it. So, no, they will not sleep on a doggy bed on the floor, or downstairs, or (heaven forbid) outside. Like a person, the pug will demand a bed of his own. And not just any bed…He will demand your bed. And he will sleep on it like the homo sapien he secretly is—body below the sheets and head on the pillow, just like you. So, if you are new to pug ownership, do not be surprised should you wake up that first morning, roll over expecting to see the face of your significant other, only to be met with a squishy, sleeping, pug-shaped one instead. This is the natural order of things. Accept it, or face their furry wrath. 

Comfort is everything
 2. Extra Loud Snoring 

Now that we’ve covered the fact that your pug will be sharing your sleeping space, let’s go over some of what you can expect during the night. The number one thing I can recommend to help get you through is a set of earplugs. As a pug owner, I know that nothing is more valuable. To cut to the chase: pugs snore. Loudly. Shut your eyes. Picture a buzz saw slicing relentlessly into pieces of wood for hours on end. Think about the sound it would make. Really focus on it. Now, imagine that buzz saw is in your room, sleeping beside you. As many of us know, this trait is not entirely uncommon in human beings. But, while your significant other may negatively contribute to the auditory atmosphere of your bedroom, you may not have expected to experience the same thing from your precious puppy. Consider yourself warned. 

 3. Toy Hoarding

Humans are territorial. When we feel that something belonging to us is about to be taken away, we become angry, jealous, even irrational. We want to take what we perceive to be ours and guard it. Your pug will do the same thing, especially if he isn’t the only pet in your house. If you happen to have more than one precious little bundle of fur, be prepared for battles, not only for food, but also for toys. This is doubly true if one or more of your pets happens to be a pug. Don’t be surprised if one day you walk into the living room to find your pug sitting on the couch, a herd of toys clustered around him as he menacingly tries to defend what is rightfully his. Despite this, your other dog(s) may or may not care about the toys. In fact, they may not want the toys at all. But none of this matters to your pug. In his mind, his vigilance and sheer ferocity are the only things protecting that which belongs to him and only him. 

4. Distinctly Un-Dog-Like Lounging Positions 

Imagine this: You are lounging on a reclining La-Z-Boy, feet up, watching your favourite TV show. Where is your pug? Lying next to the fireplace? Sitting dutifully at your feet? Or…is he lounging beside you on the chair, in an eerily similar position? That is, seated upright, reclining in the chair, tiny paws tucked into his side, a look of bemusement on his face as he silently regards the television screen. This may sound strange, but trust me, it can (and likely will) happen. Like you, your pug craves comfort. 

5. All the Tendencies of An Adrenaline Junkie 

Some people like to go fast. Some people like to go really, really fast. And, sometimes, your pug does too. From my own experience as a pug owner, I have reached the point where very little surprises me, at least where my dog is concerned. So, when I ventured out into my backyard one summer day to discover my pug racing around the yard and vaulting head-first into the surrounding bushes, I simply shrugged, sat down and took it all in. If you too are a pug owner, you have probably guessed by now that pugs, like people, can be a little strange sometimes. But that just makes you love them all the more. 

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Your Pug Is Secretly a Human in Disguise

  1. Thank you very much for this well written and entertaining piece Rebecca. Personally, I think that these sociable and gentle companions are much too intelligent to be considered human.

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