10 Must-Read Books by Indigenous Authors (Part 2)

5) Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

In the post-apocalyptic world of Trail of Lightning, gods, heroes, and—most frighteningly of all—monsters roam the earth. Maggie Hoskie is a monster hunter. When a young girl goes missing from a small town, Maggie is their last hope of finding her. With the help of Kai Arviso, a medicine man, the two must delve through ancient legends and ancient technology to find the truth.

4) That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott

That Deadman Dance takes place in early 19th century Western Australia and deals with the contact between Australia’s Aboriginal Noongar people and European settlers. The novel’s protagonist, Bobby Wabalanginy, toes the line between the old world and the new as he interacts with the settlers and falls for a young white woman named Christine. But, as the Europeans create stricter rules and tensions rise, the colony and the continent will be changed forever.

3) Crow Winter by Karen McBride

When Hazel Ellis comes home to Spirit Bear Point First Nation, she starts dreaming of an old crow. This Algonquin demigod tells her he is here to save here—from what, she does not know. But, when she stumbles upon an ancient magic, she knows she has to work fast before it destroys her entire family.

2) Taaqtumi: An Anthology of Arctic Horror Stories

I’m a big fan of the horror genre, so I’m particularly intrigued by this one. As the name suggests (“Taaqtumi” means “in the dark” in Inuktitut) these short horror tales revolve around the theme of darkness.

1) Deer Woman: An Anthology

This graphic novel horror anthology includes the work of over a dozen female Native and Indigenous artists and deals with the themes of survival, empowerment, and resiliency.

Have you read any of these books?

6 thoughts on “10 Must-Read Books by Indigenous Authors (Part 2)

  1. I am so glad that you included a book that explores the Indigenous history of Australia. From your description, Kim Scott’s novel sounds like a historical fiction that will convey a heart-felt message, and is bound to stimulate a thought provoking emotional journey. I look forward to the reading this book and discovering its message.

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  2. I cannot decide on the book that I would like to indulge in first. Should I choose the spine-tingling tales in Taaqtumi that will have me gripping the book in terror, be left deep in deep thought with the emotional roller-coaster ride in The Deadman Dance or be enthralled by the fantastical voyage that will be imparted on me in Trail of Lightning? Thanks for the wonderful variety of reading suggestions Rebecca.

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