10 Supernatural Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up With On a Rainy Day (Part 1)

10) Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon
Book #1 in the Gethsemane Brown Mysteries Series

Murder in G Major is the first in the Gethsemane Brown Mysteries series. Gethsemane Brown is a struggling, classical musician who takes a job in the beautiful Irish countryside. While there, she also has the benefit of housesitting a scenic cliffside cottage. The only problem is that the murdered owner of the cottage has failed to go into the light. As the spirit begs Gethsemane to bring the real killer to justice, she soon finds herself way in over her head.

9) Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
Book #1 in the Psychic Eye Mystery Series

Abby Cooper is a P.I.—that is, both private investigator and psychic intuitive. Despite her gifts, however, she is unable to predict the death of her most recent client. With the killer still out there and the police growing more and more suspicious of her powers, Abby has her work cut out for her.

8) Night of the Living Deed by E.J. Copperman
Book #1 in A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series

When Alison Kerby and her nine-year-old daughter move into a dilapidated Victorian home with the intention of fixing it up and renting it out, they never expected to find it already occupied. Said occupants are the house’s two resident ghosts, both of whom insist that they were murdered and that Alison find out by whom.

7) Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien
Book #1 in A Noodle Shop Mystery Series

After enduring some relationship and career setbacks, Lana Lee returns home to work at her family’s restaurant. No sooner does she return home when the restaurant’s property manager, Mr. Feng, dies under highly suspicious circumstances. The staff knew about Mr. Feng’s deathly allergy to shellfish…and yet a delivery of shrimp dumplings wound up on his doorstep. With her family under suspicion of murder, Lana must find out who is really behind the crime.

6) One Poison Pie by Lynn Cahoon
Book #1 in the Kitchen Witch Mystery Series

Mia Malone is making a new life for herself in Magic Springs, Idaho. Just as she’s settling in and getting ready to open her own catering service—where each of the recipes contains a touch of her kitchen witch magic—her very first client turns up dead. To her great surprise, Mia discovers that she herself is a suspect. In order to prove her innocence, she must find out which of the town’s residents committed the heinous crime.

I’m currently reading this book, so stay tuned for a review sometime in the near future!

8 thoughts on “10 Supernatural Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up With On a Rainy Day (Part 1)

  1. They all sound enticing choices especially Alexia Gordon’s book. A beautiful Irish countryside seems like to perfect setting for a supernatural cozy mystery. Add some classical music and you have the makings of a delightful read. I just have one question, are there any supernatural cozy mysteries with a male protagonist that you would recommend? Thanks once again Rebecca.

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  2. As an avid cook and fan of good food I am pleased with the inclusion of two food-based mysteries in your blog. This has stimulated my appetite for reading and I cannot wait to indulge in One Poison Pie and Death by Dumpling

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  3. All these books sound fascinating. There are so many books that are just knockoffs of prior works. These definitely are creatively written. I have started reading the horror novel Bram Stocker’s Dracula. I believe you would enjoy reading it.

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