Voyage Underground: A Tour of the Roman Catacombs

I recently watched Italian action film The Beast (La Belva) on Netflix. The gritty action flick centres around Leonida Riva, an ex-military Captain suffering from post-traumatic stress and growing more and more estranged from his family every day. When his daughter, Teresa, is kidnapped one evening, Riva will stop at nothing to get her backContinue reading “Voyage Underground: A Tour of the Roman Catacombs”

Sightless [Film Review]

Release Date: September 2020 (Dances with Films Festival)|Director: Cooper KarlĀ |Genre: Psychological Thriller|Where Can I watch: Netflix (as of January 2021) Madelaine Petsch plays Ellen Ashland, a former violinist who is suddenly left blind after a vicious attack. Alienated from her brother, her ex-husband, and her close friend, she struggles to adjust to her new reality.Continue reading “Sightless [Film Review]”